I’m an abstract artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. 

For me artmaking is about becoming who I am – a constant process driven by curiosity to find out what’s around the corner. The goal is to focus on the process of creating rather than the end result. It’s about learning to let go, to play and see where it all ends up.

I create intuitively, exploring where my emotions need to go, each movement directly guiding the next. The process of artmaking develops organically by building up and scraping back layers of coal, pencil, acrylic paint, pastell crayons and collage. Sometimes the process is messy and raw.  Sometimes it’s calm and transformative. There is rarely a plan and I’m almost always surprised of where I end up.

Through inspiration from nature, travels and the scandinavian soul both outer and inner landscapes emerge in more or less abstract form. I get my kicks out of contrasts and I’m always chasing that feeling of ”aliveness and wonder” thinking that if I’m feeling it, then hopefully I can pass it on so someone else will too.

Learn to let go, trust the process, embrace the mystery, share the magic and keep your fingers crossed for an interesting journey ahead. Thanks for stopping by!

/ Anna

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